Community Guidelines

We strive to make Compete the safest and most uplifting social platform in the world. In line with this mission, we created the following community guidelines to ensure Compete continues to be a platform for the free expression of your talent and interests. By following these guidelines we can build a community wherein anyone and everyone feels empowered and safe to share and showcase their talent. We take these guidelines very seriously and it's our priority to foster and protect members of this community. Breaches to these guidelines will lead to disqualification from competitions, disabled accounts or other restrictions.

Be Relevant

We discourage spams and encourage only meaningful content. Don't promote or submit content that is repeated or unwanted. Refrain from unsolicited negative interactions, spammy links or dubious offers. Do not publish content that misleads people or spreads false information. Ensure your content or activity do not seek to artificially inflate popularity on the platform. Do not manipulate platform mechanisms by artificially increasing votes, selling or buying votes and/or promote unauthentic traffic generation services. Irrelevant content not submitted as a good faith effort to enter a competition will be removed.

Be Authentic

This is not a content aggregation platform but rather a content creation platform. Ensure everything you share belongs to you. Do not publish content that violates or infringes someone else's copyrights, trademarks, or other intellectual property rights. Additionally, do not hoard usernames, pretend to be someone you are not, or use someone else's name, biographical details, or profile picture in a misleading manner. Please review Terms of Service for more information.

Be Nice

Respect people’s privacy, beliefs, and ideologies. Any sort of harassment/threats will be penalised. Do not share or threaten to share other people’s private information (not limited to residential address, email address, phone number, bank statement, social security number, or passport number) without their knowledge and consent. We will take strict action against accounts that post videos that include specific threats of physical harm, theft, harassments or blackmails of any kind. We have no tolerance when it comes to threatening to share sexual content or post intimate videos of others.

Create a Safe Place

We have zero tolerance for violence or terrorism. Do not post videos that entail gratuitous or graphic violence, incite someone with violence, and/or spread terrorism or such messaging. We don’t allow the glorification of self-harm, including the promotion of self-injury or eating disorders. Refrain from promoting dangerous acts e.g. risky activities or other dangerous behavior conducted in an unprofessional context or without the necessary skills. We do not allow content that encourages, promotes, or glorifies such behavior, including amateur stunts or dangerous challenges. Lastly, do not share videos that entail depictions of animal cruelty.

We take child safety very seriously and have zero tolerance for predatory or grooming behavior towards minors. Posting or promoting videos that depict/disseminate child abuse, child nudity, or sexual exploitation of children in both digital and real world format, is strictly prohibited. We will report such accounts to relevant legal authorities.

Respect Others

Connect with a diverse community and ensure members of the community feel safe to express themselves without feeling ashamed, humiliated or embarrassed. Ensure content do not:

  1. Discriminate someone on the basis of intellect, appearance, talent, personality traits, or hygiene
  2. Attack protected groups
  3. Verbally or physically depict harm to an individual or a group based on any of the following protected attributes such as Race, Ethnicity, National origin, Religion, Caste, Sexual orientation, Sex, Gender Identity, Serious disease or disability or Immigration status
  4. Refer negatively to individuals as animals, inanimate objects, or other non-human entities promoting or justifying exclusion, segregation, or discrimination against them
  5. Invoke non-consensual slurs or hateful ideologies

Further, do not post, promote or distribute:

  1. Pornographic content or any content containing explicit nudity
  2. Content that depicts, commits, or incites non-consensual sexual acts
  3. Content that commits, promotes, or glorifies sexual solicitation or sexual objectification
  4. Content explicitly depicting sexual organs and/or or depiction of sexual activities.

Abide by the Law

Do not share content that promotes trade/sale/use of certain regulated goods, as well as the depiction or promotion of activities that are regulated/illegal (e.g. offering sexual services, buying or selling firearms, alcohol, and tobacco products between private individuals) in the majority of the region or world, even if the activities or goods in question are legal in the jurisdiction of posting. Do not post videos that display drugs, drug consumption, or encourage others to make, use, or trade drugs or other controlled substances. Never promote content that promotes phishing, fixed betting, get-rich-quick schemes, or any other types of scams.

Maintain Integrity of the Platform

Do not hack our app, or associated accounts. Ensure you are not modifying, adapting, or creating products based on Compete. This includes strict limitations to regenerate any source code, algorithms, methods, or techniques embodied in our platform. Do not use or attempt to use automated scripts to replicate or distribute our model, including any files, tables or documentation.

Compete Fairly

Follow the rules of the competition and ensure you give your best while competing. In addition to our Terms of Competition, follow the rules and requirements of each individual competition carefully. Inability to adhere to the requirements might lead to disqualification. Ensure the videos are clear and of high quality. This is a platform to promote and express your talent and skills. Capitalize it to the best of your ability.

Any content submitted that is in breach of the above community guidelines will be removed from the platform. Repeated behavior from users in breach of the above guidelines would result in the user account being deactivated. If you encounter any content or user behaviour that is in breach of these community guidelines, please report using the Report button within the app or email us at

These community guidelines will be updated regularly and users should refer back to the most recent guidelines to stay informed.